Ability to continuously develop new products

Suzhou Yifan Textile is a  

professional manufacturer of sofa fabrics, curtain fabrics and interior decorative surfaces

. The company spins and weaves grey fabrics by itself. There are 15 texturing machines, 20 jointing machines, 60 grid-connecting machines and air-jet weaving There are 300 machines, 520 water-jet looms, 22 rapier machines, 4 post-finishing laminating machines, 12 finished cloth inspection machines, and one automatic packaging line.

We have our own yarn development team and fabric design development team. Products are mainly sold to European and American countries.
  • Innovation

    Has its own yarn development team and fabric design team. Every quarter, new products come to the market.

  • cost

    The production of yarn and weaving by ourselves has a price advantage over our peers.

  • quality

    There is a professional QC team and own laboratory, and all fabrics will be sent to guests after they have passed the test.

  • Production capacity

    Our daily production capacity of grey cloth is about 250,000 meters, which can meet the customer's order demand within the fastest delivery time