YIFAN Sofa Fabric Supplier Helps You Create Tailor-made Solutions

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YIFAN Sofa Fabric Supplier Helps You Create Tailor-made Solutions

There are many types of sofa fabrics, and each fabric has its own unique advantages. As the most popular fabric sofa fabric in the market, it is comfortable and warm, and comfortable to sit on. Especially in autumn and winter, fabric sofas make you feel the warmth of home more than leather sofas. There are many types of fabrics, and you may be dazzled when choosing in the market. Which fabric sofa fabric is good? Below, the YIFAN sofa fabric supplier will take you to learn about several popular types of fabric sofa fabrics and their characteristics.

  1. Flannel

The sofa made of flannel fabric is soft, smooth, and elastic. From the corduroy of the past to the suede of the present, the flannel closely follows the fashion trend, constantly changing from vulgarity and elegance. Compared with other fabric fabrics, flannel fabrics are slightly more expensive.

  1. Pure cotton

Pure cotton fabric sofas have good air permeability, are close to the skin, and are natural and environmentally friendly. The heat resistance and alkali resistance of pure cotton make the sofa of pure cotton fabric not easy to be damaged during cleaning or washing.

  1. Blended

 The fabric sofa of cotton and chemical fiber blended fabric can show the visual effect of silk, flannel, or linen. In recent years, with the rise of differential chemical fiber, blended fiber, and blended spinning, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high-simulation effect of fabric sofas made of blended fabrics can almost be fake.

  1. Linen

 In addition to its good air permeability and wear resistance, the biggest feature of the linen fabric sofa is its thermal conductivity. The so-called "warm in winter and cool in summer" is the most suitable description for its characteristics.