Woven Imitation Linen Fabric Is One Of Special Kind

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Woven Imitation Linen Fabric Is One Of Special Kind

What material curtain cloth is chosen?

 From the room demand, living room, bedroom, study, children's room... The demand for sunlight is different, different life scenes, different family members, want different light environment, so it is best to customize the exclusive curtain cloth for each room.

1.polyester fabric:

 Polyester fiber is what we call "polyester ", Use it for curtains, The advantages are straight, durable, anti-wrinkle, pendant, non-stick hair, So this material is simply "natural curtain material ". 100% polyester, normal size curtains, Up to 250 cm or 270 cm, Prices range from 50 to 70 yuan per meter, The whole two pieces will not exceed 300 yuan.

 2.woven imitation linen fabric

 Like natural Zen style, you can choose transparent linen. Linen has irregular lines that provide privacy and comfort and warmth to the room. Flax can also be dyed in other colors, such as Ikea's Everett curtains, which are dyed dark blue gray with natural dyes. Linen curtains sold on the line, mostly added polyester fiber blend, so that the linen curtain more straight, more shade. Customized pure linen curtain ,70 yuan to 100 yuan per meter, flax curtain custom is more expensive, as far as possible to buy finished curtain, the total price will be more cost-effective.

 In addition, there is a small hint: flax curtain light transmission, light intensity affects the visual color of the fabric, bright light yellow cloth, stacked may become gray pink, must be clearly selected.

3.cotton fabric:

 Cotton cloth moisture absorption breathable and skin friendly, suitable for use in the skin often touch the place, but if made into curtains, easy to wrinkle, easy to deform, and also like flax, transparent. Thin cotton curtains do not show grade, hanging out is a simple dormitory both visual sense, but with polyester fiber blended, cotton curtains will be straight type. Because cotton fiber can keep warm, so with cotton curtain, summer will be cool, winter warmer. Cotton and polyester blended than 100% polyester fiber slightly more expensive, but not too much difference of 400 yuan can complete the curtain cloth.

 As curtain fabric wholesaler, hope the above information can help you.