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What Is Cut Pile Fabric?

What is cut pile fabric? Cut pile fabric is also called knitted flannel. It is through pile finishing, the floating fibers in the knitted fabric are pulled out to form piles, and it is an important variety of pile knitted fabrics. After the knitted fabric is raised, the surface is covered with fluff, soft, plump, and good in warmth retention. Knitted flannel has thin and thick styles, and can be raised on one side or on both sides. After raising, many other physical and mechanical finishing or chemical finishing are needed, such as shearing, calendering, embossing, brushing, sanding, heat setting, etc.

The surface of cut pile fabric is fluffy, with a pile layer or a knitted fabric with a fluffy appearance. Also called shear pile, there are two kinds of warp pile and weft pile. Warp is the pile that is woven from pile warp yarns and cut to form on the surface of the fabric; weft pile is part of the floating length of pile, and the weft yarn is cut to form a pile. China has produced pile fabrics for more than 2,000 years. Among the textiles unearthed from the Han tombs, the velvet brocade is flannel. This fabric is woven by the biaxial coarse weft raising method. Later, the raising rod replaced the raised thick weft. This is the earliest rod weaving and warp loom.