What Are The Types Of Curtain Fabric?

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What Are The Types Of Curtain Fabric?

  The curtains are made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum, wood, metal materials, etc. Secondly, it is divided into cotton, linen, silk, chenille, etc. according to the material. But the first point when we choose curtains in the furniture city: environmental protection and health. After all, this is related to the family's daily health problems and should not be ignored. What are the curtain fabrics? Here are a few more common categories:

  (1) Cotton and linen fabric

  The main characteristics of cotton and linen are breathability, comfort, and softness. The color itself is also pure, giving people a feeling of being close to nature and inner peace. Printed floral patterns on plain cotton and linen curtains, colorful and rich in patterns. The curtains of this material are mainly suitable for the home decoration style of European style, Japanese style, natural and fresh casual food. It also has the effect of adsorbing dust, which is a good choice of the case of a shortage of funds.

  (2) Silk material fabric

  The main feature of silk are its attractive luster, softness, and lightness like yarn. The color itself is gorgeous and colorful. It gives people a high-profile and luxurious feeling, so curtains made of this material are especially popular with princes and nobles, and their silky feel are also popular with women. Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric is added to the luxurious curtains, with clear lines and a strong three-dimensional effect. Curtains of this material are mainly suitable for Chinese-style retro or European-style rooms.

  (3) Velvet fabric

  The main feature of the velvet are the silky touch like milk, and it sags. Giving a gorgeous and noble feeling, expensive but not extravagant, stable but not stuffy, this material is suitable for neoclassical, American, and other styles.

  Chenille curtains are thicker

  (4) Chenille fabric

  Its main characteristics are a thick material and plump suede. It has the characteristics of warmth and good decoration. Coupled with hand-embroidered cloth art, it is more inclusive and beautiful. It gives a low-key and calm feeling, so chenille curtains are more suitable for American, Chinese, and modern styles.

  The above is how to choose the curtain fabric and what kind of curtain fabric is to explain the knowledge issues here, the content is for your reference only, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.