The Principle Of Curtain Fabric Color Selection

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The Principle Of Curtain Fabric Color Selection

  Curtain fabric in the living room is a very important part of the soft decoration of the home. The decoration of the living room often represents the taste of the owner. The curtain is a very conspicuous place. So what color is the curtain for the living room? What are the principles for purchasing curtain fabric colors in the living room?

  1. Choose according to the season and environment of the area. Because of the heat and high temperature in summer, cool fabrics should be used, warm fabrics should be used for severe cold in winter, and neutral fabrics should be selected mainly in spring and autumn.

  2. The color of the curtains in the living room can also be determined according to the decoration style. Different styles have certain requirements for decoration elements and colors, so matching the overall style can make the entire living room environment more harmonious and coordinated.

  3. The color of the curtains in the living room should be similar to the ground. For example, the ground is purple-red. The curtains can choose colors similar to the ground, such as pink and peach, but they should not be the same. When the contrast between the ground and the furniture color is strong, you can choose the ground color as the center; when the ground color and the furniture color have a weak contrast, you can choose the furniture color as the center.

  4. If neither the floor color nor the furniture color can be used as a reference, you can also choose the color system according to the light color. The warm orange light system can be matched with cool colors such as beige and fruit green and the milky neutral light system. Warm colors such as beige, light coffee, and light red are optional. Also, you should avoid discordant color schemes when choosing. Generally speaking, red-green, green-orange, red-blue, and yellow-purple are inconsistent.