The Importance Of Decoration Fabric In Decoration

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The Importance Of Decoration Fabric In Decoration

Decoration fabric and finishes play a very important role in any interior design and decoration project. Therefore, when it comes to achieving a particular existence and style, they are one of the basic elements, let them define the characteristics of the space we want. However, it is not always easy to do so, because you need to combine factors such as color and texture to ensure that the result is "just the ."

There are many colors on the market for us to choose the suitable color for furniture, floor, wall, or room accessories, or actually suitable for any room. Home.

According to the tone we choose, we can get two completely opposite feelings: hot or cold. Warm colors refer to all colors headed by red or orange; while cooler colors are the colors we find blue, green or turquoise.

When conveying warmth or coldness to style, choosing one or the other will be the decisive factor. For example, if we want to decorate a sunny or clear room, we can use cool colors in the fabric, because the natural warmth of the sun will create a very beautiful and fresh contrast.

On the other hand, if we start from a dimly lit room and decide from warm tones, you will get a more cozy effect because of them.

Important: Don’t confuse warm or cool colors with dark and light colors. If we have a room with insufficient light, it is important to choose light colors so that they will bring more light to the entire space. On the contrary, if we face a bright room, we can take more risks by using darker colors.

But we don't just live for color... Fortunately, today we also have unlimited textures and types of fabrics: wool, cotton, canvas, jasper, leather, velvet, cut pile fabric , silk, etc.

Since there are such varieties on the market, we can use softness, roughness, consistency, hardness, brittleness, or combine them to achieve the desired effect in our home.

For classical environments, it is recommended to use fabrics with more noble tailoring or greater consistency and refinement. For example, velvet and silk are ideal choices for such spaces. Brocade tapestries are also a good idea. Matching geometric patterns and embroidery will give the finished product a very special effect.

In a more rustic-style space, it is recommended to use fabrics such as linen or canvas to give a certain national flavor, and the fiber texture gives weight and personality to the rest of the decoration.

The modern and modern styles have the advantage of being more functional, so the choice of fabric type is obviously simpler. You just need to look for the natural and clean touch of cotton and other fabrics with unique versatility.

This diversity, whether it is color or texture, is a double-edged sword, because we can get vertigo from the combination, we recommend that you start with no rhyme mixing or reason, and research in advance space, appearance, and style you want to achieve. Yes, enjoy what you really like and take risks so that your home will reflect your personality.