The Color Of The Decoration Fabric Will Affect Our Emotions And How We Experience The Space

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The Color Of The Decoration Fabric Will Affect Our Emotions And How We Experience The Space

Did you know that color is associated with many things, from energy and sensation to memory and association? The psychology of color is real and is a very important element to consider when designing a room (from ceiling to floor). Interior paint, wall decoration, and interior decoration are easy ways to bring color into the room, but it is difficult to change.

Contemporary Decoration fabric is not only a great way to add color, but you can easily change it when you are ready to add color to your space even this season. No need to mess around, just change another set of curtains on the same pole, design a custom pillow that matches it, and your room will bring a completely different emotional experience to your family and friends.

Let's review some popular colors and how they affect the mood of the room:

Yellow is a bold color. It is also considered bright and is associated with brightness, energy, and of course the sun. Some people would say that it is a radical color, depending on its hue, so unless you intend to make a bold statement, it is best to keep a light pastel color, in this color, yellow brings happiness and "sunshine "The joy.

Red is the color of passion and romance, it is the color of energy. It is said that all colors of red can be felt by the blinds due to the emitted pulse. Use red in rooms where you want to create energy or intimacy. Red is sometimes considered the master bedroom, but because it is an exciting color, it is best suited for rooms that do not require sleeping, such as the living room, dining room, or even the kitchen.

Orange is considered a friendly color; a mix of red (passionate) and yellow (bright and sunny) is usually associated with fun and creativity. Orange is an inspiring color and can usually promote exercise. Like red, it is an exciting color, best for the room where you want to create energy.

Green is associated with many things; money, nature, jealousy... Depending on the shade, it can be very relaxing or it can be charged. It can remind you of tall pine trees, grass, and even emerald green water. Green is flexible and can be used in any room of the house, whether for relaxation or entertainment.

Blue seems to be a universal favorite. This color is usually very calm. It is closely related to the sea, the sky, the tranquility and tranquility of tranquility. The dark blue fabric is a great choice for curtains, it will add depth to your modern interior design. Blue is also considered the color of honesty and dedication.

All colors affect our emotions and how we experience space. Before deciding which colors to combine, think about how you want you and your guests to feel in the room.