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The Characteristics Of Curtain Fabrics

From the introduction of curtain fabric manufacturer, the characteristics of curtain fabrics:

1.Cotton fabric: The advantage is comfort, breathability, softness, warmth, anti-sensitivity, and easy to clean; the disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, shrink, deform, and fade.

2.Linen fabric: the advantage is natural fabric, comfortable, light and breathable; disadvantage: easy to wrinkle, poor elasticity.

3.Wool fabrics: the advantages are light weight, softness, warmth, wrinkle resistance, dirt resistance, not easy to color; the disadvantage is that it is easy to grow insects, can only be dry cleaned, and the cost is high.

4.Silk fabric: The advantages are good gloss, bright colors, light and soft, good moisture absorption; disadvantages are shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and need to be ironed. 

5.Polyester fabric: The advantages are high strength, good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, corrosion resistance, strong silk-like feeling, and bright luster; the disadvantages are not soft enough, poor air permeability, easy to generate static electricity, and not easy to dye.

6.Nylon fabric: Nylon is also known as nylon. The advantage is that it has particularly good abrasion resistance. It is often blended with wool to enhance its fastness; the disadvantage is that it has poor air permeability and is prone to static electricity.

7.Cotton and linen fabric: The advantage is that it is relatively soft, has the advantages of cotton and linen, and has a strong texture; the disadvantage is that it is not wrinkle-resistant and easy to fade. Classification of curtain fabrics According to the material of curtain fabrics, it can be divided into three categories: natural fibers, chemical fibers, and blended fabrics.