Sofa Fabric Related Knowledge Introduction

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Sofa Fabric Related Knowledge Introduction

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  Flocking cloth

  1. Production process: Flocking uses the physical characteristics of the attraction of opposite sexes to make the flannel negatively charged, and the fabric that needs flocking is placed under zero potential or grounding conditions, and the flock is attracted by the plant at the different potential. It accelerates vertically and rises to the surface of the object that needs flocking. Because the vegetal body is coated into an adhesive, the fluff is vertically stuck to the vegetative body.

  2. Advantages: strong three-dimensional effect, bright color, soft hand feeling, good color fastness, friction resistance, smooth and no gap.

  3. Cleaning method: Do not soak it in water or brush it. Just wipe it with a cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline. If the flannel is too wet, do not twist it hard to prevent the fluff from falling off and affecting the appearance. The correct cleaning method is to press the water with both hands or let it dry naturally, brush the fluff in one direction so that you can maintain the original appearance of the flocking.


  1. Production process: man-made polymer

  2. Advantages: strong and durable, easy to take care of, with anti-wrinkle and non-ironing properties. Add the antibacterial agent to make it have an antibacterial function; add the mineral powder to make it have low radiation function or far-out red radiation function.

  3. Cleaning method: the temperature of the lotion should not exceed 45 degrees, and the dirty parts can be scrubbed with a brush. Rinse after washing, wring lightly, dry in a cool place, do not expose to the sun, do not dry, to avoid wrinkles due to heat.


  1. Production process: the raised pattern woven on the fabric intricately with warp and weft is called jacquard. Two-color or even multi-color jacquard fabric is woven with yarns of different colors.

  2. Advantages: full hand feel, thick texture, firm, and wear-resistant, good air permeability, comfortable to sit, not stuffy or damp. The flower type has layers, the flower color is unique, and the unevenness has a three-dimensional effect.

  3. Cleaning method: jacquard fabrics should not be brushed strongly with a hard brush to avoid fluffing on the cloth surface.