Introduction Of Cut Pile Fabric

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Introduction Of Cut Pile Fabric

cut pile fabric

Cut pile is a kind of carpet fabric. In this type of weaving, the surface of the carpet consists of cut ends of pile yarn. The top of the ring is cut to a uniform length. Cut Pile is one of the popular carpet structures. Cut Pile is durable, but its durability depends on fiber type, tufting density, and yarn twist.

The cut pile is always twisted to maintain a uniform shape. The tighter the twist, the less bulky the carpet will be, and it will not leave footprints. The looser twist creates a luxurious look and feel but does not maintain its shape well.

Shearing fabric
Velvet satin
Velvet-heavier than velvet.
Saxony-This is a dense cut pile, the yarn is treated so that each tuft end can be distinguished on the surface.