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You don’t know the knowledge of fabric sofa fabric

Flocking cloth

1. Production process: Flocking is the use of the physical characteristics of the opposite attraction of the charge, so that the fluff is negatively charged, and the fabric to be flocked is placed under zero potential or grounding conditions. The vertical shape accelerates to the surface of the object that needs flocking. Because the plant body is coated with adhesive, the fluff is vertically adhered to the plant body.

2. Advantages: strong three-dimensional sense, bright colors, soft touch, good color fastness, friction resistance, smooth and seamless.

 Cut fleece

1. Production process: The characteristic of cut velvet is that the grey fabric is double-layered during weaving. After weaving is completed, it is cut from the middle by cutting to produce an intermediate fleece. Because the velvet is obtained by cutting with a blade, the velvet itself is not very strong, so there is a special glue application process in the finishing to fix the velvet. The easiest way to check the quality of the flannel is to rub it gently with your fingers on the back of the flannel.

2. Advantages: The cut velvet surface is uniform, the gloss is good, the velvet feel is very comfortable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.


1. Production process: Printed cloth can be divided into transfer printing, penetration printing and reactive printing according to different processes.

2. Advantages: brilliant colors. No ball, no burrs, and not easy to deform.


1. Production process: The warp and weft threads are intricately woven on the fabric to form a raised pattern called jacquard. The yarns of different colors are woven into two-color or even multi-color jacquard cloth.

2. Advantages: full-feeling, thick texture, strong and wear-resistant, good breathability, comfortable sitting, not stuffy and not damp. The patterns are layered, the patterns are unique, and the bumps are three-dimensional.


1. Production process: cloth woven from cotton yarn

2. Advantages: good breathability, soft feel, simple appearance and natural beauty, soft gloss, alkali resistance and heat resistance are particularly good.

Cotton and linen

1. Production process: It is a composition containing cotton linen, also known as cotton and linen interwoven fabrics, there are ramie cotton and linen cotton.

2. Advantages: good breathability and perspiration, cotton and linen can absorb sweat and micro-sweat on the human skin, make the body temperature quickly return to normal, and truly achieve the effect of breathability and sweat absorption, cool in winter and summer. It is comfortable to use on the body, relieves itching, and is skin friendly. The PH value is acidic and non-irritating to the skin, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and human health. Anti-static, no ball, no curling, cotton linen is sewed with pure cotton, without free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, no ball. Natural environmental protection is a true green ecological textile. The use of cotton and linen can cause the human body to have a warming effect, increase the body's microcirculation, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and improve sleep quality.