How To Choose The Best Decoration Fabric For Your Interior Decoration

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How To Choose The Best Decoration Fabric For Your Interior Decoration

When considering buying a sofa or upholstered chair, choosing fabrics for your upholstery is an important step. Style is of course part of it, but the fabric you decide to use will also change the feel, cleanliness, and durability of the sofa. In order to choose the fabric, you need to consider a few things.

First, you should consider the space you will use. This will determine how much usage it will get and who will use it. Will it be used every day in the TV room? Will it serve as a decoration in the bedroom? Will you keep pets and children on your sofa? Will it be in the solarium? After browsing this list, you will consider three basic guidelines. Use, clean, and fade.

Three things to consider when choosing a Decoration fabric


Usage determines the durability of the fabric. The durability of the fabric is based on the Wyzenbeek test, which determines the number of friction. The number of wiping can be between 10,000 and 200,000. The higher the number of rubbing of the fabric, the longer it takes for the fabric to tear or pilling.

Fabrics used in interior decoration will decompose like fabrics on clothes, but the number of wipes will let you know how long ago this will happen. If it is a sofa or chair in a family room, you will read the newspaper every day, so naturally, you will need a durable fabric. 30,000 is a reliable friction count, which will have a stable life and durability.


This describes how easy it will be to clean your interior. Synthetic fibers generally have high cleaning properties, while natural fibers are not so easy to clean. However, some synthetic fibers such as viscose and rayon are not very clean. If you have children or pets sitting on the sofa, cleanliness may be really important to you. Or if you just don’t want to worry about your interior being soiled!


Fading is very important, please consider whether you plan to put the interior decoration in the solarium, windows, or outdoors. Strong sunlight will inevitably fade fabrics, especially dark colors. If you are worried about fading, you can choose dyed fabrics. The solution-dyed fabric will fade evenly over a long period of time. However, they do not have a high number of frictions, so they may pill faster. Pilling does not mean it is defective, just be careful.

The second is about how to choose fabrics. The two main types of fabrics are synthetic fibers and natural fibers. In these two categories, there are countless options to choose from. Flax and cotton are natural fibers, while polyester is an example of synthetic fibers. Generally, natural fibers do not have as long a life span as synthetic fibers. They are a good choice for people with chemical allergies or who prefer the appearance of natural fibers. If you choose to use natural fibers, this can make the fabric last longer. Consider where you place your upholstered furniture because this will actually determine the type of fabric that suits your needs.