Elegant And Chic Curtain Fabric Attracts People's Attention

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Elegant And Chic Curtain Fabric Attracts People's Attention

Beautiful and unique Curtain fabric can play an important role in home design. The design follows the principle of visual art curtains. Therefore, in the selection and arrangement of curtains, it is also necessary to follow the principles of visual art, so as to create a good visual effect and create an elegant and comfortable home environment.

Contrast is the basic shape of artistic design skills. For two different things, such as color, shape control is called contrast. Such as radius, depth, thickness, etc. Through the design, two obviously opposite elements are in the same space, so that opposition and harmony, contradiction and unity are contrasted in strong contrast, complementarity is sought and the result is achieved. This is the basic principle of curtain design.

Harmony includes a harmony of thought. Under the premise of meeting the functional requirements, it combines the shape, color, light, and quality of various indoor objects harmoniously, and has become a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into a harmonious environment and material shape, texture harmony, color harmony, style harmony, and so on. Make people visually harmonious, mentally quiet, calm, and satisfied. The curtain layout needs to follow this rule.

Symmetry is the formal beauty of traditional technology and the earliest human law available. Symmetry is divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry. Next, the symmetry of the same shape and the same color is uniform for absolute symmetry. What is used in interior design is relatively symmetrical. Symmetry gives a sense of order, dignity, order, and harmony.

The curtains of the bedroom are in contact with the external passage, which directly affects the sound, light, heat, and dust inside the room. Sound absorption, heat insulation, cold protection, dust protection, peep-proof dimming are the basic and important functions of curtains. If the above functions have a foundation, choose a quiet and elegant color, and the elegant color and furniture design are compatible with the overall style of the curtain, it will add different artistic effects to the bedroom, but the environment becomes more and more beautiful.