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Design Of Cut Pile Fabric

Saxon Pile
The Saxon configuration usually has a pile height of about three-quarters of an inch. The main difference between the Saxons is that the pile consists of twisted heat-set yarns dense enough to make them stand upright for walking. Ninety percent of the expensive carpets made today are Saxon carpets.
Plush or velvet
The cut pile fabric is designed to be dense enough to stay upright in normal traffic. The main distinguishing feature of plush is that there is little or no twist in the veil that makes up the pile. This introduces a smooth, uniform texture on the surface of a plush or velvet carpet. This "velvet" carpet may be sensitive to high temperatures in the cleaning solution, which can cause fiber deformation. The temperature setting should be lowered from the highest setting.
Shag pile
This design has almost disappeared from the current market, but since many shag carpets from the early 1970s still exist, it is worth some discussion. Generally, the pile height of shag carpets is greater than 1 inch, but the pile height must be combined with a lower density to produce a random, random laying effect, exposing the side of the yarn to the flow of people instead of most other The exposed tip on the carpet configuration.
Plush (short or mini hair)
This carpet is somewhere between shag and plush. The pile height is usually about three-quarters of an inch, and its density is not high enough to make the yarn ends to stand upright for walking. Although the density is higher than that of coarse hair, the same "random laying" effect is still obvious.
Frieze (Freedom Talk)
This design is composed of very tightly twisted yarns and has a rough and lumpy appearance.
Straw carpets are usually made of split-film olefins that actually mimic grass. It has a variety of colors to choose from.

Of course, these designs are produced from cut pile fabrics as Decoration fabric.