Definition and Uses of Woven Imitation Linen Fabric

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Definition and Uses of Woven Imitation Linen Fabric

The woven imitation linen fabric is named after the way it’s constructed. It’s an extremely useful type of fabric that we use a great deal in our everyday lives. This is due to its durability and versatility, as there are many types of woven fabric that are manufactured for particular purposes.

We'll be taking a moment to consider what woven imitation linen fabric is and how it is constructed. We’ll also discuss the types of woven fabric, as well as how to use woven imitation linen fabric for curtains and upholstery. This will help you figure out the qualities of woven imitation linen fabric, and how they can be best used within your interior surroundings.

How Are Woven Imitation Linen Fabrics Made?

The woven imitation linen fabric is created by weaving yarns. They are often woven together on a loom that holds yarns in place as the weaving process happens.

The woven imitation linen fabric has a warp and a weft, which determine the direction of the weave. Understanding warp and weft means you can consider the strength of each directional thread when making up your mind about curtain, upholstery and textile options.

Warp threads are vertical yarns that create the length of the fabric. So, the warp yarns are held in place on the loom, while the weft threads are interwoven through them horizontally. The weft threads therefore make up the width of the fabric. The weft threads run from side to side to form what we call the selvedge – the edge of each woven textile. Weft threads can also be referred to as the ‘fill,’ as technically, they are used to weave the body of the fabric.

Other fabrics have very different qualities to woven fabrics. Knit fabrics, for example, are another popular fabric we find in everyday life. It’s useful as it stretches, so is primarily used for clothing. Knit fabric isn’t a suitable choice for most upholstery and curtain projects due to the way it stretches.

Woven Fabric for Curtains

The woven imitation linen fabrics are the key go-to choice when choosing curtain textiles. This is because woven fabrics have many preferable qualities over other types of fabrics. For example, curtain fabrics need to be durable enough in order to drape well over windows. Knit fabrics are therefore not an option for curtain textiles, as stretchy fabric would drape badly and lose shape over time.